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People believe in the immortality of the soul because they are conscious of death — not that they know the soul is immortal, but just because they see everybody dying, they know the certainty of death. Now, how to escape from a certainty? Create a fiction. Remember, I am not saying that the soul is not eternal, I am simply saying that people’s belief that the soul is eternal is a fiction. The belief is a fiction.
As long as the ignorance of the self lasts, so long will there be misery.
Tripura Rahasya
O my mind, why dost thou cry? Realize thy Atman (Soul), o Beloved; drink the timeless great nectar of non-duality.
Avadhuta Gita
One who dwells in the domain of the Atman (Soul) does not belong to a particular family, society, or nation. Rather, he is part of all of humanity. He loves the welfare of all, as much as he loves his own Atman (Soul).
Swami Rama